2015 Jr. Regional Convention


Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name,

I talked to Brother Tracy Stambaugh today, reminding him of what we are all trying to accomplish together, it is really quiet rare how we can all work together for a common goal, — to please our Lord Jesus Christ , and to be a blessing to so many kids.  I want to thank all of you for that!

Junior Convention (Regionals) is only a few weeks away, 12 to be exact.  The dates this year are THURSDAY & FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22-23, 2015.
There is an event lists attached, — passages for Group Bible Speaking are: — Gen 1:1-31, John 1:1-28, Col 1:1-29, and Bible Bowl questions will be taken from the Gospel of John chapters 1-10.

Frontier Regional Student Convention is scheduled for March 14-18, 2016.

Remember, homeschoolers, and non-ACE schools may participate in our Junior Convention, but not in the Frontier Regional Student Convention (Sorry).

The CEC (Christian Educator’s Convention – for ACE schools) will be in Santa Fe this year, on Friday October 2nd.

Supervisor’s & Monitor training for ACE staff will be held next week, TuesdayFriday, August 47, 2015, here at our church, 2121 Gun Club Rd, SW, in Albuquerque.  Please call ACE School Services to reserve a spot and make payment.(800-470-8991)  ACE recommends sending staff to training every 3-4 years.

Looking forward to a great of serving our Saviour with all of you this coming school year.


John Boggs, Pastor
Rio Grande Baptist Church