Free Online Screening of Indoctrination

A.C.E. is delighted to present a free online screening of the
award-winning film IndoctriNation, December 1–14.

Biblical training is “daily in the temple.” – Acts 5:42 and Luke 19:47

Accelerated Christian Education has stood firm on the Biblical principles of families and churches taking charge of the education of children in their care.

Some Christian leaders have taken the stance that children should be allowed to attend government schools so they may be a witness to the world. The award-winning documentaryIndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America looks at this notion.

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The documentary contends that government education is failing America, which is affecting Christianity. Parents, teachers, ministers, educators, and experts caution parents not to let their children study in an education system that is exposing young minds to anti-Christian concepts.

Please share this important message and video link with everyone who will consider the vital need for Christian education.

The understanding you exhibit to your students will reflect in their lives for generations to come.

Understanding—Possessing God-given discretion to comprehend the spiritual truths of Scripture that lead me to obey its precepts. Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee. Proverbs 2:11