New Mexico Jr. Convention — Schedule


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Dear Friends,

I have had inquires regarding the schedule for the New Mexico Jr. Convention, so I have attached a working copy for you.
The key to getting all these events accomplished in just 2 days is to always front-load the schedule.  If there is a scheduling conflict, we ask that if at all possible, all conflicts be taken care of earlier rather than later.  In other words, if a conflict is noticed, that you see the Judge for that area, and schedule that event for your student earlier than the scheduled time that presents the conflict.  All of our Judges will work with you to get your student bumped forward in the schedule, which will take care of the conflict, and not bottle-neck the end of the day.  This is extremely important in time management for this wonderful and exciting event.

Remember, EARLY ENTRIES, need to be here tomorrow – unless other arrangements are made with Brother Ernie Silva, (505-261-6506) for him to meet you here Friday.  Those from out of town, must have your packages postmarked by mid-night Friday, Oct. 2nd, or they all will be marked down for improper paperwork, (5 times 3 judges =15 points — and most of these events are determined by a point or two).

Please send in the registration form for your school.

Pastor Boggs

Fundraising for ISC 2016

Dear Business Owners and Individuals,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the students of Rio Grande Christian Academy.  Every year our students attend an International Student Convention where they compete in 144 different events.  The events are grouped in categories including: music, drama, athletics, art, academics, and needle and thread. In May of 2016, thirty-two of our students along with sponsors will be travelling to Warrensburg, Missouri to compete in their individual and team events.  Every day I have the privilege of teaching these amazing students.  These students are dedicated and willing to give 100% but they need your help.

Your donation will bring us closer to our goal of $30,000.  On September, 19th our will be having a free car wash.  However, currently the students are gathering pledges from businesses and individuals.  You may donate per care or make a lump sum donation.  Many businesses and individuals have already given.  Please consider helping out students.  Your donation can be a tax write off for your business.  With your donation of any size we would like to recognize your business by including some small item, coupon, or business card in a gift bag that will be given out to all our car wash customers.  Although this is optional, some businesses have given items including: pens, magnets, business cards, flyers, and coupons.  We would be happy to include yours as well.

I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our school in raising funds. If you have any queries regarding our school, or the project itself, please fell free to contact me at the address or phone given on the website.


Thank You,

Sorcha L. Key

High School Teacher


2015 Jr. Regional Convention


Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name,

I talked to Brother Tracy Stambaugh today, reminding him of what we are all trying to accomplish together, it is really quiet rare how we can all work together for a common goal, — to please our Lord Jesus Christ , and to be a blessing to so many kids.  I want to thank all of you for that!

Junior Convention (Regionals) is only a few weeks away, 12 to be exact.  The dates this year are THURSDAY & FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22-23, 2015.
There is an event lists attached, — passages for Group Bible Speaking are: — Gen 1:1-31, John 1:1-28, Col 1:1-29, and Bible Bowl questions will be taken from the Gospel of John chapters 1-10.

Frontier Regional Student Convention is scheduled for March 14-18, 2016.

Remember, homeschoolers, and non-ACE schools may participate in our Junior Convention, but not in the Frontier Regional Student Convention (Sorry).

The CEC (Christian Educator’s Convention – for ACE schools) will be in Santa Fe this year, on Friday October 2nd.

Supervisor’s & Monitor training for ACE staff will be held next week, TuesdayFriday, August 47, 2015, here at our church, 2121 Gun Club Rd, SW, in Albuquerque.  Please call ACE School Services to reserve a spot and make payment.(800-470-8991)  ACE recommends sending staff to training every 3-4 years.

Looking forward to a great of serving our Saviour with all of you this coming school year.


John Boggs, Pastor
Rio Grande Baptist Church