The Start of a New Journey…

Hi Friends,

I don’t know if you are aware of our plans to have another Journey at Rio Grande Baptist Church?  We are going to call it, “Journey to Genesis”.  The dates are July 13-18, 2015, Monday through Saturday.  Plans are to have it split between the morning and night.

Mornings from 9am till noon (lunch provided) and nightly from 7:30pm till 10pm.  At night, we will have several viewing venues where people can view exciting and informative videos from various producers who make DVD’s about Creation.  We also plan to have free hotdogs, popcorn and drinks for all who come in the evening services.  We will have a feature film each night under the big tent, and even a “Video Café” – in the High School learning center for private viewing, or on demand videos in case someone has a specific interest, or wants someone to see what they have already seen, perhaps a night or two before.  We already have about 45 of these on hand, with plans to get a few more, so you can see that we plan to get out the information.  The videos are for every age group, and from cartoon type, to very technical, such as ‘Distant Starlight, Intricacies of Flight’ and many others.

The whole purpose of this project is to give the Gospel!  Last year at VBS, I was shocked, and it became very apparent to me, that as we spoke of sin, of God, and the Creation of man, the children stood with totally blank stares, as we spoke of such things.  It really took me by surprise, just to know – that they did not know – anything that we were talking about.  It is not these precious kids fault that they don’t know about Creation, I believe it is my fault, and societies fault, and in reality; probably their parents don’t even know!

We will have some needs, and I will list many of these for you:

Prayer, prayer and more prayer

Video & sound equipment – either donated or on loan – we have some, but certainly not enough       (Especially good quality projectors)

People who can use a scroll saw, to cut out the birds and animals – I will show them what to do

Motion detectors for sounds in the Ark

Artist type people who would paint the pictures on a large scale – outside on hanging tarps

And of course special offerings – designated just toward this project – and we need them early

We have been praying for several months now, and we ask that many will intercede for us, as we are praying for 600 salvations, during this week.  We prayed for 500 for this year’s Journey to Bethlehem, and were humbly grateful to see our Great God answer such a step of faith.  The devil has fought us, before and since Journey To Bethlehem.  But I feel that we can see more people saved, as our faith grows!  These projects are way beyond anything that I personally can do and dream up, so please note somehow on the website, that God has and we believe that He will continue blessing our efforts!

Pastor John BoggsIMG_1322


Thank You for Making Journey to Bethlehem a Success!

On behalf of Pastor John Boggs and Rio Grande Baptist Church, we want to thank everyone who helped contribute to Journey to Bethlehem this year!  More than 1,700 passports were issued this year, but more importantly – more than 500 decisions for Christ were made!  Once again we thank everyone who helped pray, setup, provided support or materials, and participated.

Soon we will make an official announcement about our plans for this summer and Journey to Genesis!