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Dear Friends,

It is my privilege to work with you and your schools, in association with ACE.  For those of us who have ACE schools, we know the extreme importance of TRAINING.  I took this training last Summer, and also 5 – years before that, just like they recommend.  Sometimes we think we know it all, or know more about how ACE works, than ACE knows, but that is simply not true.

Over the nearly 40 years now of using the ACE curriculum, I have noticed the many revisions of their procedures manual, (which is our guiding document for our schools) and the reason for the changes is from input submitted by schools like ours, and the training has also been updated and improved.  This training is crucial for the success of a great school, and when I visit schools that are struggling, I know a couple of things immediately: number one – they are not following the procedures manual, or number two – they do not have a properly trained staff; and many times – both!

While I’m at it – let me also remind you about the New Mexico Junior Convention, Oct. 19-20, with the attachment.

Mr. Wayne Musson, who is ACE’s official representative for our Frontier Region, has asked me to forward to you this reminder below about the upcoming opportunities for Supervisor and Monitor Training, here it is in it’s entirety.

Your Fellow Servant,

John Boggs, Pastor

Rio Grande Baptist Church

———————————————- PLEASE READ – BELOW! —– Mr. Musson writes:

The question of the day; Is your school staff prepared for the 2017-2018 school year?  New supervisors need to trained in the ACE procedures.  Veteran supervisors who have not been through supervisor training in the last 5 years are also in need of the training this summer.  Here are the two supervisor training venues for the Four Corners area.

Rio Grande Christian Academy in Albuquerque, NM will be hosting training the week of August 1-4.

Anchor Christian Academy of Salt Lake City, UT will also host training during the week of August 8-11.

Please sign up soon, this will help us know how to plan for each site.

Training information can be found on the ACE Web site.

Remember to sign up for the fall CEC nearest you.

Thank you for your labor of love.  God bless you!


Copy of Copy of 2017 JR CONVENTION – EVENTS LIST

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