57 Days from Today – NM Junior Regional Convention

57 Days and Counting!

Dear Friends,

“Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith;…” – Heb. 12:2a

What a pleasure to serve our Lord together with so many of you.  We are planning on having a great group of kids 12 and under for our New Mexico Junior Regional Convention, Oct. 19-20.  I am always optimistic when it comes to church attendance, big Regionals attendance, for some reason I always trick myself into believing that everyone is as excited about the things of God as I am, and I do get disappointed from time to time.  But from what I’m hearing, I think both Jr. Regionals and Frontier Regionals numbers will be up again this year.  Lots of interest in Jr. Regionals and promises from 7 new – first time schools to come to big Regionals, so I’m excited for both.

I’m pleased to announce our Guest Speaker will be Pastor Rob Watkins, the same Preacher we had at the Frontier Convention last Spring.  So please pray for Pastor Watkins as you pray!

Remember, students can come from NON-ACE schools to Jr. Regionals, and certainly home-schoolers are welcome.  Those Families who choose to send their kids to public schools are also welcome, and those who have influence on their Grandchildren’s schooling, please feel invited and welcomed to participate!  I just can’t express it enough, this is for the kids of our generation, and in our area, to come and sing and preach, or to do a skit, play and instrument, bible memory categories and so much more, so please invite folks you know.

The cost is still $25 per school, and $20 per person who comes, and that $20 includes everyone, because we will feed them 4 meals (2-lunches & 2-suppers) here on the property.  It is so busy for those 2 days, you won’t want to leave to go find somewhere to eat, plus the schedule is so tight, the kids won’t have time.  We will have other refreshments off and on during the day and that is all included in the $20, so please be prepared for everyone to pay.  Meals will be sandwiched (ham or turkey & cheese, peanut butter & jelly, chips, juice or punch, perhaps pizza for lunch — supper lasagna or spaghetti or tacos, salad, dessert and drink) in 5 years I have had no complaints about the quality and value of the meals.  It is not steak and shrimp, but it doesn’t carry the same cost either, remember, it is for the kids!

Attached, you will find material for you to use in preparation for the Jr. Convention.  There is a complete set of guidelines that will explain every entry except the Lego entry, and that has been included and modified this year, so please look at it before submitting the entry.  Also, you will find a Registration Form for your use.  You may pass these out and later I will ask you to enter all your entries on a spreadsheet (that we will send to you) and ask you to send that spreadsheet back to us, so we can organize the entries and be prepared for the different events before you get here.  The School Registration form will be sent out in 3-4 weeks from now, and I ask that you get those back to me by no later that Oct. 12th, so we can set up the events, and know how many will be in each event, please help with this – it is so important and helpful – if we get the paperwork complete before you arrive!!!!  This goes for Big Regionals also!!!!

I did include in the attachments, a flyer about the Da Vinci exhibit scheduled for next year – just for your use, not promotion it, just thought it was interesting.

Early Entries:  Early Entries are due in my office by Friday Sept. 29, — we will have them judged before you arrive, and will actually pass out some of these awards, even on Thursday morning, after the first rally & morning devotion.  

Schedule: I have attached a General Schedule.  It is the exact same schedule we have used for the past 5 years, with very little changes, and it has worked in the past.  

Time:  Registration is from 7:00 am to 8:00 am Thursday morning.

            We will start promptly at 8:00 am Thursday morning.  I have scheduled events from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, but have never gone past 7:30 pm each night, but we may this year, so prepare to stay both nights until 8:00 pm., 

Events 512 & 629:  The Ensemble and Group Bible Speaking – does not count against totals – we want each school to have both of these categories.

Bible Bowl & Group Bible Speaking:  Bible Bowl questions will be taken from Genesis, chapters 1-11, and Group Bible Speaking must be from any complete chapters in Genesis chapters 1-11, also.

Let’s all try to encourage our students to enter events in the Music & Platform categories.  This is where we all should focus, because these categories can be used of the Lord more for ministry (generally speaking) that the other categories, so let’s make an effort.

Notice that 3 copies of the work (early events and platform & music etc.) must be submitted to the judges, and 3 copies of the Judges forms.

We will provide a puppet stage for all to use, but you may bring your own if you wish.

All One Act Play props must be setup and taken down within the allotted time, or point deductions will apply, and they must be within the boundaries as stated in the guidelines.

Food & drinks are to be kept in the designated food area, and no food or drinks will be allowed in any of the buildings.  Only water will be allowed in the gym, no Gatorade, etc.

Archery equipment must -AT ALL TIMES – be in the control of an adult Sponsor, students may not carry equipment to or from archery event. — (Obvious reasons!)  You must bring your own equipment if your Student enters this event.

Students who qualify for both Junior Convention and the Frontier Regional Student Convention, are encouraged to participate, and you may use the same projects at both Conventions.

An Opportunity to Serve:  We do need some Teens to help, but Sponsors, please don’t bring an older Student who will not be willing to work and help.  Some of the tasks do include carrying chairs or trash, working in the kitchen, being stationed at strategic points to help judging panels with copies, or making sure they can get something to drink – if needed, going to find certain Students or a Sponsor for an event, like Pace Bowl or Bible Bowl, etc.  We will not charge them for food, but we will expect them to preform tasks that they will be assigned.  If you have a Student, or former Student, that might be will and able to help judge certain events, please contact me, and let me approve of the arrangement, before you allow them to attend.  This is the NEW MEXICO JUNIOR CONVENTION, and I want to make sure that is just that, for the Juniors, 12 and under, not a place to hang out and be a problem, — I know you know what I mean!  Again, Call me first to make those arrangements, but we do need some help. 505-877-0535 – Office, 505-977-5885 – Cell

Command Performances:  If your Student does an event with excellence, that may be asked to preform in front of the whole Convention.  You will be notified if is recommended by the Judges, and meets the guidelines.  If your Student is recommended for a Command Performance, this does not necessarily mean that they won first place, so keep this in mind and don’t set your Student up for a disappointment.

Lastly, here is a link to our Frontier Regional Student Convention promotion video for you to use to promote the other convention, and I will try to get one made for the Jr. Convention – but Pray for this great Junior event now, and we will begin working on that one later!


Thanks for your interest and help – as it really does take a lot of work from a lot of people.


Pastor John Boggs

Rio Grande Baptist Church

Lego – guidelines for NM Jr. Convention





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