New Mexico Jr. Convention

Hello My Dear Friends,

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.  John 13:35  Wouldn’t this be an amazing answer to all our worlds anger problems???  Isn’t it interesting that we do have the answers to what the world is seeking?  So thank you for your work and labor of love that you have bestowed upon the saints, and do minister, because the Bible tells us, that God is not unfaithful – to forget all these things! (my paraphrasing)

Good preaching, not because of me – but because of Him and His word!

Anyway, – we only have 10 week until the New Mexico Jr. Conv. will be over and done for this year, so let’s GO!!!

Attached is a copy of the information & registration form, and also the guidelines for the LEGO entry, (as taken from the ISC guidelines – Woodworking entry modified for our use).

We will get out the School Registration spreadsheet in the next 3-4 weeks, for you to input the registrations into and email back to me by Sep. 29th.

Sept. 29th, is the early entry deadline for all the events in the first column of the registration events list (attached), except for the clay, woodworking and Lego entries.

If you have questions, I prefer that you email them to me, as I like to respond to you via group emails, because others may have the same questions.

Lastly, let’s all please pray – asking the Lord Jesus Christ to bless our event, again, this year!

Your Fellow Servant,

John Boggs, Pastor

Rio Grande Baptist Church

Lego – guidelines for NM Jr. Convention

Copy of Copy of 2017 JR CONVENTION – EVENTS LIST

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