Junior Convention

My Dear Friends,

First – Greetings in Jesus name, and thanks for all your prayers and friendship over the years and especially these past few weeks.  My Mom is still lingering on, and I must go back again tomorrow to be with her and my Sister.  My Mom hasn’t received any nourishment in 23 days, only 1-2 cups of water each day, but continues to cling to life, even though she doesn’t know or acknowledge anyone.  Again, please be praying for us at this time, and thanks!

The New Mexico Junior Convention is coming soon, Thursday & Friday, October 19-20, 2017 — less than 4 weeks away! 

EARLY ENTRIES –  Are due in my office by this Friday, Sept. 29th. — I will have someone there to receive them all this week – till 4:30 pm.  (You may contact Samuel Hull at 513-441-9491, if you need to make special arrangements for a later time.)

SCHOOL REGISTRATION FORMS — Are to be emailed to me or (preferably) David Minter at; — David.Minter@summit.com

GUIDELINES — Are attached for your convenience, please refer to them for 99.9% of your specific events questions.  Remember, all entries must have 3 copies of judges forms, and 3 copies of written entries, affidavits, etc.  Also, art entries are to have a 3 X 5 card attached with all the information, – see guidelines.

I’m doing my best to make this years New Mexico Junior Convention the best ever, but am really in a pressing situation, so your patience is appreciated!


Pastor, John Boggs

Rio Grande Baptist Church

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