2017 Jr. Regional Convention Warp Up

Dear Friends,

1John 4:19 says, “We love Him, because He first loved us.”  He did bless us last week, and you also showed your love, and it is easy to love those who love you, — so thanks!

Lots of activities and so many people.  We had 147 students who registered on Thursday, but we fed 306 for lunch that day, so many that we ran completely out of food, but scrambled and worked it out – WHEW!  Many came to observe, and check out the happenings, and everyone did so well, again, – To God be the Glory.

Attached, please find a financial report for the Convention. Last year we bought extra ribbons that we used this year, we had popcorn & some cotton candy & snow cone supplies stored from last year, and just didn’t have the expenses this year as compared to last year.  We had  over $600 after everything was paid for, and will divide that between ACE Frontier Regionals and our Church.  I will use this money to sponsor 2 students to come to Regionals, from schools that have never-ever been before, just to get them to come for the first time.  The rest I will leave in our Church’s account to offset cleaning supplies, and utilities, etc.

Thanks again for all your prayers and help during those 2 special days, it was a joy to host you!

Pastor John Boggs

Rio Grande Baptist Church


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