Two weeks to go! – New Mexico Junior Convention

My Dear (Honestly Dear) Friends,
Finally home, and so is my Mother.  She passed on into Heaven Wednesday Sept. 27th about 6:30 pm, after not having any nutrition for 25 days, nothing but 1 – 2 cups of water.  She did not suffer much, except right at the last, but no more suffering now.  Thank all of you for your prayers for us as we traveled to be there with her and my Sister.
Today, Friday Oct. 6th, I’m back in my office, trying to focus on Jr. Convention 2 weeks from yesterday and today.  I did get many of the early entries and they will be judges before Oct. 19thHOWEVER: – I MUST HAVE ALL SCHOOLS MASTER SCHOOL EXCEL SPREADSHEET TURNED IN ASAP – AND NO LATER THAN TUESDAY OCTOBER 10TH!!!  THIS IS A MUST – IN ORDER TO MAKE SURE WE ARE PREPARED !!!  David mentioned this last week in an email – but again – we must have it right away!  — ATTACHED.  Please use this spreadsheet to make your own copies of individual student’s events, and also – your overall school’s summary list of events.
Also attached – is the beginnings of the BIBLE BOWL QUESTIONS, so you can see how I will plan to prepare these questions, and you can take it from there.  (Sorry they are not finished yet – and thank you for your understanding)
Love all youins – praying for you!

Copy of Copy of 2017 JR CONVENTION – EVENTS LIST BIBLE BOWL – JR – 2017

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